We want you to have all the tools you’ll need to properly engineer, design and specify the best HVAC system for your clients. Our Designers’ Toolkit contains comprehensive product information, specification guidelines, downloadable CAD drawings and imagery to assist you in creating comfortable, productive living environments for your clients and their tenants.

Young Regulator Line Card

The Young Regulator Line Card is a cheat sheet that outlines all of the Young Regulator product families. It is a great take along / leave behind when visiting customers.  How many times have you heard them say, “I did not know they did THAT too!” It is also a handy guide because it gives […]

Standard O & M w/ Warranty

Damper Warranty   

Wiring Diagrams

  Wiring Diagrams     T-720 Thermostat Wiring   T-312 and All Other Thermostat Wiring         Simple-Zoneâ„¢ Wiring (Interface Board to T-720)        

Single Point Zoning

Single-Point Zoning Single-Point Zoning is a simplified approach to point airflow control. It does not seek to run the equipment or control delivery to the entire space. Rather it is a single thermostat talking to one or more dampers to improve conditions in one space. Building Science has come a long way. Most buildings mostly work. […]

Demand-Airâ„¢ IAQ

Demand-Airâ„¢ IAQ The Demand-Air family of products have been designed with two main goals in mind. First, facilitate great indoor air quality (IAQ). Second, save energy and money by scaling fresh-air to real demand. Notice the tension between these goals. Every application and customer is different. We understand that contractors need the flexibility to resolve […]

Ceiling Diffusers

Ceiling Diffusers   Young 9100 series VAV ceiling diffusers are used to vary air volume from thermostatic control. Diffusers are designed to maintain the Coandă effect of discharged air along the ceiling, providing a sustained discharge velocity throughout the volume range. Operating diffusers from individual wall thermostats enables users to choose their own desired comfort […]

Flex Shaft Dampers

FLEXSHAFT Direct Rotation made EASY! Flexible shafting is a direct mechanical method for transmitting rotary motion between two points.  Rotation of the Ceiling mounted regulator turns the shaft which in turn rotates controller or the damper itself.  For years this was accomplished with rigid square steel rods.  As you can imagine it was tricky to [...]

Motorized Rectangular Dampers

Motorized Rectangular Dampers Young Regulator has been manufacturing motorized dampers since the late 1960s. We are committed to making the best Low to Medium Pressure Dampers in the commercial HVAC market place. We offer configurations to address nearly any air control situation. Over the last 50 years, Young Regulator has defined “Commercial Quality Damper”: Heavy Gauge […]

Bypass Theory and Solutions

Bypass Theory As Zone Dampers open and close, static pressure in the supply trunk can vary tremendously. Increasing static pressure increases air velocity and high velocity air can create objectionable air noise. Bypass is a technique used to maintain static pressure within acceptable limits. A trunk with a control damper is added between the supply […]

Motorized Round Dampers

Motorized Round Dampers Young Regulator is committed to making the best round dampers in the commercial HVAC market. We have invested heavily in technology and tooling to manufacture round dampers with unmatched quality and efficiency. We have been manufacturing motorized dampers since the late 1960s. Today we manufacture a complete line of Low to Medium […]

Bowden Remote Cable Controllers

BOWDEN REMOTE CABLE CONTROLLERS Young Regulator has been making Bowden Cable Controls and Dampers since 1950. We pioneered their use in the North American market. Access is concealed in the ceiling, inside plenums, or moved to a convenient area such as a nearby mechanical room or above a lay in ceiling. Operation is simple. The […]

Literature and Marketing Materials

Literature and Marketing Materials Young Regulator is committed to making it easy for contractors and engineers to incorporate our products. One of the ways we are doing that is by giving you new sales tools: literature, brochures, calculators etc. Information is a powerful tool. Young Regulator customers have permission to use the content to promote […]

Constant Volume Devices

What are They? Constant Volume Devices are exciting new tools to tailor the airflow into or out of any space. These devices all react to increased velocity of airflow to move dampers toward closed restricting free area and therefore total flow. Pressure-Independent maximum flow is the goal. Conversely as pressure and therefore velocity decrease the […]

Bowden Controls Installation Instructions

General Bowden Install Sheet

Bowden Controls Application Drawings

Documents bowdencontrollerspecs bowdendamperspecs bowdenspec Drawings drawings PDFs remote-damper-275 remote-damper-301 remote-damper-301ez remote-damper-896


Why Young Regulator?

EBDL System

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