Motorized Round Dampers

Young Regulator is committed to making the best round dampers in the commercial HVAC market. We have invested heavily in technology and tooling to manufacture round dampers with unmatched quality and efficiency. We have been manufacturing motorized dampers since the late 1960s. Today we manufacture a complete line of Low to Medium Pressure Dampers. Over the last 50 years, Young Regulator has defined “Commercial Quality Damper”:

  1. Heavy Gauge Damper Sleeves
  2. Nylon or Oil Impregnated Bronze Shaft Bushings for quiet operation
  3. Stamped 20 Gauge Blades for a precision fit
  4. Available in all Stainless or all Aluminum configurations
  5. Low-Leak Seals available.
  6. Elliptical Blades available for a more proportional response.
  7. High-Quality Motors. We use only the best synchronous and brushless motors.
  8. Versatile applications. We know you have requirements to control airflow for many challenges.

We give you the tools to solve problems:

  • New Construction
  • Retro-Fit
  • Temperature Control
  • Air Distribution
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Home Automation
  • Laboratory
  • Fresh-Air Intake
  • Ventilation
  • Much More


4011: Two-Postion Round Damper with an anti-backlash synchronous motor


RDTF: Round Damper with Belimo Brushless Spring Return Motor


4075-LMB: Round Modulating Damper with Belimo LMB Brushless Motor and Low-Leak Seals


Recommended Thermostats

  • T-720A: Auto-changeover Proportional and Integral (P+I) Digital Thermostat


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