Young Regulator has been making Bowden Cable Controls and Dampers since 1950. We pioneered their use in the North American market.

Access is concealed in the ceiling, inside plenums, or moved to a convenient area such as a nearby mechanical room or above a lay in ceiling.

Operation is simple. The rotary motion of the control shaft is converted into linear motion of the inner wire. That pushes or pulls the lever arm on the damper hub.

The Bowden Cable can be up to 50 feet long for a long, robust reach. Thus, eliminating ugly and expensive access panels.

Young Regulator offers controller/damper configurations to cover all of your remote access issues. Controllers can be concealed in the ceiling directly below the duct work or offset above a hallway or other convenient area. We even offer a 4-port bracket to provide a convenient centralized balancing station for mounting in a closet of mechanical room. This centralizes control and can speed air balancing.




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