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The Demand-Air family of products have been designed with two main goals in mind. First, facilitate great indoor air quality (IAQ). Second, save energy and money by scaling fresh-air to real demand.

Notice the tension between these goals. Every application and customer is different. We understand that contractors need the flexibility to resolve the tug of war in the field.

Demand-Airâ„¢ CO2 measures occupancy by monitoring the carbon dioxide concentration in the air. Higher levels of CO2 means more people or more activity. Either way more fresh-air is required.

The Demand-Air CO2 package includes a commercial quality damper, a high-quality specially-calibrated, Carbon Dioxide sensor and a transformer. That is everything you need to add clean fresh air to your space and save money at the same time.

The Damper starts to open when space levels rise to 800 parts per million (ppm). It will reach full open at 1200 ppm. Clean fresh air – When you Need it.

The sensor is now available as either a room mount or a duct mount configuration. Control the intake either based on local occupancy or general building occupancy.

Sensor placement can be important. A Room Mount sensor, because it samples the air in one place, will provide specific point source information. A duct

mount sensor, because it samples air from the return, will provide a rough average for the entire space.

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