CVR: Constant Volume Regulator

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Constant Volume Regulators limit airflow into or out of a room.  They have an engineered “wing” like damper that reacts with the airflow to maintain a precise free area and therefore airflow that is pressure independent.  They are adjustable to cover a large range of requirements.

Constant Volume Regulators have several uses:

  1. Regulate Exhaust outlets – especially in high rise buildings
  2. Prevent over-conditioning by limiting the flow into the room.
  3. Regulate make-up air to ventilate a mechanical room, etc.

They are a molded in a specialty engineered, fire-resistant ABS polymer.  They carry both the UL 2043 and European M1 registrations so they are safe to install anywhere.




The CVR Performance is Desired Air flow Set-Point   +/- 10%.  Below 50 CFM Setpoint +/- 15%.


The parts are indexed in Cubic Meters/Hour. For additional peace of mind, Young Regulator is pleased to factory-calibrate them to your CFM specification.
We have several standard sheet metal fittings ready for these units. We can also build any custom fittings that your application may require.

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