301 & 315: Concealed Ceiling Regulators

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The Young 301 concealed locking regulator is designed to control dampers from the ceiling line. The 301 may be used with either our 820A-C rectangular or our 5020- B round bottom duct mounted damper. It may also be used in combination with our 927 and 1200 right angle controls on any round or rectangular side control damper, including Young 5020 and 820 Series.

The 315 3/8” concealed adjustable cover locking regulator is designed for use in either plaster or acoustical ceilings. It is similar to our 301 regulator, except that its 2 1/4” diameter cover plate is adjustable from ½” to 1 1/8” by using our 024 spanner wrench, available separately.

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Chrome Cover 3", Oversized Cover Chrome 3.75", Oversized Cover Primer 3.75", Oversized Cover Stainless 3.75", Oversized Cover Zinc 3.75", Primer Cover 3", Stainless Cover 3"

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