820AC: Rectangular OBD for steel shaft to a Concealed Ceiling Regulator

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The Young Regulator Model 820AC rectangular, opposed-blade damper is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel for long, corrosion-resistant operation. It is ideal for balancing dampers where opposed blade design is desired for better control, less noise and turbulence than single blade dampers. Individual synthetic blade bushings provide smooth, quite operation for the life of the damper. This is a high free area damper for lower pressure drop across the damper.

The model 820AC is controlled from the bottom of the duct with a bearing/coupling and is frequently used with the Young Regulator model 301 or 315 Concealed Ceiling Regulator.

A 3/8″ square steel shaft (available separately) runs between the bearing/coupling on the bottom of the 820AC into the 301 or 315 that is embedded in the sheetrock ceiling. A cover plate is removed to access the regulator to operate the damper.

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.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels


.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels


Stainless Steel

Blade Bushing

Individual Synthetic

Low Leak Seals

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