Iris Dampers

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Iris dampers are unique because they provide both a tool to control airflow and to measure it.  Rotating the control knob causes the blades to move past each other just like a camera shutter.  This keeps the flow moving down the middle of the duct causing less turbulence and less noise.

It also has built-in measuring ports on each side of the damper blade to allow for the direct measurement of pressure drop across the orifice.  If you know the blade configuration and the pressure drop you can calculate the amount of air that is moving through the device.

The Iris Damper features:

  • Precise airflow measurements
  • Accurate air balancing
  • Single-station measurement and control
  • Quiet by design
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Fully retractable blades for duct cleaning
  • EPDM gasket for leak-proof, airtight duct design.

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