CVPF2: Enhanced Constant Volume Regulator in a Register Box

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The CVR Plus is an enhanced Constant Volume Regulator.  It provides a pressure-independent, maximum flow across a wide range of airflow conditions. The CVR Plus has an innovative spring-loaded damper blade that reacts to the velocity of the air moving through it.  As the velocity increases, the blade moves toward closed to block free area and deliver only the desired amount of air.

The CVR Plus uses no electricity and saves significant money by minimizing conditioned air exchange to acceptable limits. It creates comfort by allowing only the optimum amount of air to be delivered or extracted.  It can be used in any application where calibrated maximum flow is desired: supply or exhaust, commercial or residential.

Improve IAQ by bringing in a measured amount of fresh outside air. The CVR Plus is molded from anti-microbial resins so it resists the growth of mold or bacteria, further promoting IAQ.

Adjustments are made by sliding the adjustment arm across the face of the regulator. Calibrated in CFM.  See “Adjustment Slider” in resources.

The CVR Plus pressure range 0.2 to 2.0 inwc.

Standard Configurations

The CVPF2 features a heavy duty 24ga galvanized steel enclosure 2” deep to accommodate a register grille. See table on back for dimensions. Custom sizes available. Also available without flanges for rectangular duct installations.
Now Available with a White Aluminum Grille (40 degree Fixed Vanes)