912 & 914: Concealed Air Splitters

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912 Concealed Air Split Regulators
912 concealed air split regulators, designed for ceiling operation of splitter dampers with vertical shafts, include a bearing coupling, shaft, and a Young 301 concealed regulator. Any Young 3/8” regulator can be furnished with the 912. The 912 is operated by an 04 wrench, available separately, which is used to tighten and loosen the locknut on the 301 concealed regulator. The 912 are available in the standard sizes of 1foot increments. The 3/8” shaft comes in 6”, 12”, and 18” lengths. Please specify both rod and shaft lengths on all orders.

914 Concealed Air Split Regulators
914 3/8” concealed air split regulators include a 927C miter gears and are used when the operating shaft must be carried down at a right angle to the damper shaft. The 914 is normally furnished with a Young 301 concealed regulator for mounting on suspended and other types of ceilings to conceal and yet give access to the splitter damper.

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912, 912B, 912C