4041-CF4: Damper w/ Large Plate & 4-Point Cross Flow Sensor

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The young Regulator Model 4041-CF4 Heavy Duty Commercial Quality Damper with Mounting Plate and Extended Shaft and 4 Point Cross Flow Sensor
The Young Regulator 4041-CF4 is a round damper with low leak EPDM seals, extended shaft and mounting plate that provides efficient airflow control in conventional air handling systems for contractors who install their own actuators and controls. A 20 ga. shell and sleeve with a 1/2″ plated steel shaft makes this ideal for medium velocity applications. For pressure independent applications, an optional 4 point cross flow sensor is located at the inlets directs flow data to a controller (by others). The new and reliable Young 4041-CF4 round low leakage damper provides efficient air flow control in conventional air handling systems where minimal air leakage past the closed damper is critical. It is designed for medium velocity and differential pressure applications up to 4″ W.C., with a maximum cfm airflow range of 1,600 cubic feet per minute. The 4041 can be operated by a variety of manual controls or by other manufacturers’ motors. The 4041-CF4 comes with a mounting plate for building management controls by others. The Young 4041 Round Pressure Independent Variable Air Volume Damper is ideal for automation control companies that require flexibility to mount various manufacturers’ controls and actuators. Order shell and plate only or with one of several different manufacturers’ flow sensors that are available. Factory mounting of controls by others available.