3151-IF: 24 VAC – 2 Position Rectangular Damper w/Interface Technology

Spec SheetT-720-IF Thermostat Install Instructions


The Young Regulator Model 3151 is a motorized, rectangular, opposed-blade damper. It is constructed of an extruded aluminum frame, stainless steel slide, and a 24VAC spring return motor. Applications include zone control, outside air, exhaust air vents, although they may be used to control air in any system. Standard Configuration is power open and spring closed, but can also be made to power close and spring return open.
The 3151-IF features a direct drive, stall type actuator with a hysteresis synchronous motor designed for long life with a “lost motion” drive to protect the gear train from closing shock.
The 3151-IF includes our Interface Board that simplifies
field wiring.

Additional information


.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels


.050 Aluminum Extrusion with Reinforcing Channels


Integral 5/16" Steel


Stainless Steel

Blade Bushing

Individual Synthetic

Size Information

Undersized 1/8" High & Wide

Frame Width

2 1/8" Wide

Blade Width

1.438" – Contained within frame

Min. Size

4" x 4"

Max Size

24" x 18", 36" x 14" Bottom Mount

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