270-301: Remote Cable Controller w/ Ceiling Cup & Cover

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Balancing dampers located in inaccessible spaces are now easily controlled with the Young Regulator Bowden Remote Cable Assemblies. Access is concealed in the ceiling, inside plenums, or moved to a convenient area such as a nearby mechanical room or above a lay in ceiling. Access doors can be eliminated for architectural aesthetics.

A flexible casing and wire, (PT #BCW, ordered separately) up to 50′ long runs from a steel rack and pinion locking controller to a damper where the rotary motion of the rack and pinion controller is converted to a push-pull motion with a lever arm.

The 270-301 consists of the 270 rack and pinion controller mounted atop a die cast cup that is embedded in a sheetrock or gypsum board ceiling so that the unit is flush with the finished surface. The cup is 2 5/8″ in diameter and 15/16″ deep, with a 3″ cover plate that is secured by two 6-32 x 5/8″ stainless steel machine screws that are removed for damper adjustment.

Additional information

Rack and Pinion

14 ga. Galvanized Steel

Die Cast Cup

2 5/8" Diameter

Cover Plate

3" Zinc Plated

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