270-275: Rack and Pinion Control with an Angle Bracket

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Balancing dampers located in inaccessible spaces are now easily controlled with the Young Regulator Bowden Remote Cable Assemblies.  Access is concealed in the ceiling, inside plenums, or moved to a convenient area such as a nearby mechanical room or above a lay in ceiling. Access doors can be eliminated for architectural aesthetics. A flexible casing and wire, (PT #BCW, ordered separately) up to 50’ long runs from a steel rack and pinion locking controller to a damper where the rotary motion of the rack and pinion controller is converted to a push-pull motion with a lever arm.

The 270-275 can mount inside the plenum of a slot diffuser, with access to the controller through the opening in the bottom of the slot.

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270-275B, 270-275B-Q, 270-275ML, 270-275PH