2100-IT: Spring Return Damper – Open In Cool / Close in Heat

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Young Regulator presents a simple stand-alone Server Room solution.  Many IT spaces are served by the same equipment that both heats and cools other parts of the office space.  Densely racked computer servers through off a lot of heat.  These spaces rarely require any heating and excess heat negatively impacts server performance.  Therefore we developed a damper that opens anytime cooling is being provided and closes tightly when the ductwork is filled with warm air.

There is a sensor that monitors duct temperature.  When the temperature in the duct is less than 72 degrees F, the damper opens.  Anytime the temperature climbs above 72 degrees the damper springs closed.

There is no requirement for connection to a central control panel.  2100-IT is completely self contained.  It can be configured for either 24 or 120 VAC.


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