Demand Response Ventilation

Round Demand-Air Kit

The Demand-Airâ„¢ Kit (DA-CO2-XX) is the simple answer to Demand Response Ventilation.

ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 62.2 set prescriptions for Fresh air / Air Changes in commercial buildings and Low-Rise Residential units.  They specify a quantity of fresh-air for each person depending on what they are doing and an additional quantity for each square foot of area depending on how it is used.  All of this means that building owners spend a lot of money conditioning air that is pushed right out of the building.   Luckily, the standards allow for systems that can measure the occupancy and ventilate appropriately.  

People breath at a pretty predictable rate.  Therefore Carbon Dioxide is a good proxy for occupancy. 

Rectangular Demand-Air Kit

Through a lot experimentation ASHRAE  has established CO2 at 1000 parts per million (ppm) as the High-Normal concentration.  

The Demand-Airâ„¢ system has been designed to make Demand Response Ventilation easy!

Young Regulator has married our commercial quality dampers, either round or rectangular, with a robust Carbon Dioxide sensor.  When the sensor sees the concentration of CO2 rising toward 1000 ppm it starts modulating open.  The damper will be fully open by the time the CO2 level gets to 1200ppm.


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