Bowden Cable Controls have been one of Young Regulator’s core products since the beginning in the 1940s.  Emil Young recognized the need to adjust ventilation dampers made inaccessible by hard ceilings.  He designed our familiar Rack and Pinion Controller.  Click on the movie icon (on the website’s home page)  to see a video starring Emil.  Architects and building designers are being squeezed to create the most flexible, usable and therefore salable volume for a given foot print.  The mechanical equipment are having to do more with less space.   Bowden Cable controls give HVAC engineers the flexibility to control ducts up to 50 feet away.  Allowing them to make the best use of the space they have to work with.

How Does it Work?

The Rack and Pinion Controller is installed in a location where it is accessible.   Young Regulator make terminations in many configurations to make it easy to conceal.

Users remove the cover and rotate the flatted shaft at the bottom of the controller.  This causes the pinion gear to drive the rack.  The Rack pulls and/or pushes on the inner wire which rotates the hub attached to the damper shaft.  This positions the balancing damper.  The controller is designed to lock the wire in place right where the shaft was released.

Running the Casing

The inner wire runs inside of a outer casing.  That casing must be run from the termination to the damper.  It does not need to be straight but it needs to be a smooth path.  Young Regulator recommends a minimum three foot (3′) radius on any turns.  Fasten the casing to the building structure at least every five feet (5′).


Inside or Outside:  The cable can run inside or outside the airstream.  Watch out for sharp turns that make the inner wire hard to push and pull.

Young Regulator has solutions for terminating either end inside or out side.  See the damper selections below.


Termination Options

Damper Options

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