EBDL-3045: Electronic Balancing Damper – Large – Round w/ Position Indication

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The Young EBD-3045 is an electronic balancing damper used when motor torque requirements due to large damper size exceed our standard EBD Model . A 45 in. lb torque brushless DC actuator with potentiometer responds to an open or closed signal from the hand held power pack (part # EBDP-L) via a factory supplied cable. An LCD meter on the Hand Held Power Pack responds to the resistive feedback from the potentiometer, providing the balancing contractor position indication.

The Hand Held Power Pack is turned on via a side-mounted switch that enables the meter to indicate damper position. 3 Non-rechargeable 9v lithium batteries power the Hand Held Power Pack.

Once the unit is connected to a receptacle, the meter indicates blade position modulating over a range of 0 – 100% open via a voltage signal that is proportional to the blade angle.

The position of the damper blade is controlled by the use of a front mounted rocker switch, opening the damper by depressing the right side of the switch and closing the damper by depressing the left side of the switch. The meter indicates the exact position of the damper blade. The switch will return to the neutral center position when released.