DCD-5050: Take-Off NO Position Indication

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Being right at the trunk, the takeoff is the very best place to control air volume. High-efficiency take-offs are much less restrictive than standard straight takeoffs.  The Young Regulator DCD5050 is an electronic balancing damper mounted inside a high-efficiency take off, the best of all worlds.

The DCD line of digitally controlled dampers are similar to our EBD line but do not feature position feedback to the user.  Monitor the position of the damper by measuring airflow from the duct.

The Digital Control Damper Positioner (DCDP) provides all the power required by the system to open and close the dampers.  The dampers lock in place when the Positioner is unplugged.    The positioner is completely self-contained and small enough to be carried in a pocket. A high capacity 9V battery is supplied for long life and is easily replaced in the field when necessary.

Young Regulator offers receptacles in many configurations to fit any application.

The DCD5050 is ideal in a number of applications:

  • Labs, where more precise balancing or control may be required
  • Anytime very long runs are required.  DCD dampers may be up to 1,000 feet away from the wall port.  Stock cable lengths 10, 25, 50 and 100 feet.
  • Schools, prisons, and mental health facilities, where access to controls is restricted
  • Atriums, where dampers are inaccessible and long cable runs are required
  • Any situation where seasonal changes require rebalancing of the HVAC system

The DCD5050, digital balancing damper assembly includes: the damper, a 12V DC motor, a DCD cable up to 1,000’ in length, and a termination.

Field connection between 12V DC motor and termination is fast and simple with snap on connectors installed by the factory. One DCDP Positioner is required per job.

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