9400: Rectangular Side-wall Mounted Low-Pressure VAV Terminal

Spec Sheet9400 Install Drawing


The Young Regulator Model 9400 Side-wall, VAV diffuser maintains room temperature by controlling the volume of supply air.  The aerodynamic design keeps velocity and throw to remain stable across it pressure range.

The product has several important features.  Notice in this sectioned model:

  • Straightening vanes leading into the 9400 (right)
  • The modulating damper that controls the free area to keep velocity and throw stable
  • Grille space on the left

Use the T-720A Proportional and Integral (P+I) thermostat.  They are specifically designed for variable flow applications.  Up to 8 units can be driven from one thermostat.  The system comes factory wired for your convenience.

Specify a BACnet communications module to interface the diffuser with a building management system. (BMS)