1200-896C: Worm Gear w/ Ceiling Access & 1″ Cap

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The Young Regulator model 1200 self-locking right angle worm gear regulator is used when an operating shaft must be carried down at an angle to the damper shaft. The 1200 is used on dampers with either ½” round or 3/8” square shafts. The 1200 is made of heavy-duty steel and die cast construction and is operated by an 030 wrench, available separately in a variety of lengths. It is often used together with a Young Regulator 896C to operate dampers from the ceiling line. The 896C ceiling access and cap provides access to the control shaft of the worm gear regulator through a sheetrock ceiling. A bracket with integral threads is fastened to a stud or the top of the ceiling directly below the regulator. A pipe spans the distance between the worm gear control shaft to this bracket on top of the ceiling. The access hole is covered by a 7/8” diameter zinc plated threaded cap. With the cap removed, A 030 wrench, available separately and in various lengths, is inserted to operate the worm gear to open and close the damper.

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Stainless Steel


2" Thread


2.5" Thread


Torx Tamperproof