Balancing air made EASY!

Flexible shafting is a direct mechanical method for transmitting rotary motion between two points.  Rotation of the Ceiling mounted regulator turns the shaft which in turn rotates controller or the damper itself.  For years this was accomplished with rigid square steel rods.  As you can imagine it was tricky to get the damper, rod and controller all lined up.

The Flex Shaft is single wire wrapped with a smaller brass finished wire on  the outside.  The finished diameter is 0.25″.  The rugged wrapped construction produces a strong robust turning member capable of delivering more than 50 Lbs of torque.  It turns inside a sheath of either polyethylene or aluminum.

How Does it Work?

The animated image to the right is a good illustration of how the Electronic Balancing system works. When the right switch on the EBDP is switched, it causes the Electronic Balancing Dapmer (EBD) to open. And when the left switch is clicked, the damper blade closes.

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