Literature and Marketing Materials

Bowden 270-301

Young Regulator is committed to making it easy for contractors and engineers to incorporate our products. One of the ways we are doing that is by giving you new sales tools: literature, brochures, calculators etc. Information is a powerful tool.

Watch for a new look in our communications. Rendered images will replace line drawings. We are also providing more design information about all of our product lines to help you make design decisions. Most product lines will have a landing page like this one with a resource list on the right side. Many of these pieces can be customized with Rep or Contractor logos and/or contact information. You will still have one touch access to all of the submittals through the product tab as well.

CVR Parts

Additionally, The monthly Product Newsletter will be archived here. Young Regulator customers have permission to use the content to promote the product and good design practices. If you have any questions about literature or other sales resources please contact Eddy McGuigan for assistance. (

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Young Regulator Product Lines

Young Regulator Product Line Card

Single-PointTM Zoning Brochure

Single-Point TM Zoning Brochure