Motorized Rectangular Dampers

Young Regulator has been manufacturing motorized dampers since the late 1960s. We are committed to making the best Low to Medium Pressure Dampers in the commercial HVAC market place. We offer configurations to address nearly any air control situation. Over the last 50 years, Young Regulator has defined "Commercial Quality Damper":

  1. Heavy Guage metal. Young Regulator never uses anything less than 20 guage metal.
  2. Nylon Blade Bushings for quiet operation
  3. Stainless steel slides for smooth operation and wear resistance
  4. Custom extrustions designed to maintain strength and reduce twist.
  5. Opposed Blade dampers better spread the airfow across the face to reduce turbulance and air noise.
  6. High-Quality Motors we use only the best synchronous and brushless motors.
  7. Versatile applications. We know you have requirements to control airfow for many challenges.

We give you the tools to solve problems:

  • New Construction
  • Retro-Fit
  • Temperature Control
  • Air Distribution
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Home Automation
  • Laboratory
  • Ventilation
  • Much More

3151 Two-Postion Opposed-Blade Damper with an anti-backlash syncronous motor

Opposed Blade PC/Spring Open Damper

SDTF - Opposed Blade Damper with Belimo Brushless Spring Return Motor

Opposed Blade PC/Spring Open Damper Brushless

3045 Medium Pressure Damper with Belimo Brushless Motor. Blade and Jam Seals Optionable

Built-up PC/PO Damper Brushless