Motorized Ceiling Diffusers

Ceiling Diffusers

Young 9100 series VAV ceiling difusers are used to vary air volume from thermostatic control. Difusers are designed to maintain coanda effect of discharge air along the ceiling, providing a sustained discharge velocity throughout the volume range. Operating difusers from individual wall thermostats enables users to choose their own desired comfort level. This eliminates the problem of having to rely on inaccurate and slow acting wax-type thermally powered actuators.

Diffuser Coanda Effect

9100E Diffuser

We have motorized the modulation disk in order to vary the amount of air being fed into the space. Since the motor is not in the airstream there is less pressure loss.

Single-Point Zoning Diffuser

Add a T-720A Thermostat to control a Diffuser as part of a Single-Point Zoning strategy. Local control of airfow delivery. Save money and energy while you also create comfort.